Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help me with a caption for this one :)

It's a church in kasauli. Kasauli z a beautiful place and if ur thinking of escaping for peace then this surely is the right choice.


Bharat Aggarwal said...

1. open up! for GOD
2. break the chains
3. unlock ME.. for PEACE

want more for caption :)

jaanv said...

how about:
Behind locked doors

Irawit Kehsihba said...

good pic and colors, nice comp

captions ??
God in Chains
The day I locked HIM up and became free.

Zuhaib Javed said...

even god's doors are closed!!!

Arijit Rakshit said...

How about - "The Retreat"/ "Lockvilla"/ "The Haunted" :)

Acid said...

Visiting hours 9 - 5

cool said...

paradise locked ..

bhavya said...

nice pic - caption "Look Beyond"